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There are three levels of CREIA.  CREIA member, Certified CREIA inspector and Master CREIA Inspector. When hiring a CREIA Inspector you should always verify they are a Master CREIA Inspector and have passed CREIA Approved Background Check.

Established in 1976, CREIA is a non-profit 501(c) 6 association with twenty chapters located throughout California. CREIA regularly holds an Annual Conference and other educational programs, advocates for the profession, and offers leadership opportunities to its members. CREIA is the oldest and largest nonprofit state inspector association in the country – and California-specific in education and consumer outreach. CREIA strives to enhance consumer protection and promoting public awareness.

Master CREIA Inspector (MCI)

The Master CREIA Inspector designation is the highest rating that can be obtained through CREIA. This designation is only given to those inspectors that have obtained many hours of additional training, completed at least 1,000 inspections and have passed a test that is above the already high standards set for Certified CREIA members.

The CREIA Board of Directors is representative of the CREIA membership. In addition to the CREIA Board of Directors and chapter leadership opportunities, there are several standing committees and task forces that report to the Board of Directors. We encourage our members to get involved.

CREIA’s Standards of Practice have been recognized by the State of California, and are considered the source for home inspector standard of care by the real estate and legal communities.

Section 1 of Stats.1996, c. 338 (S.B.258), provides:
“The State of California does NOT license home inspectors. CREIA takes the lead in requiring adherence to CREIA’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, which the Legislature expressly recognized with official legislative intent provisions in the enactment of the home inspector laws.”

CREIA = Tier One Inspectors

Unsurpassed testing; Unmatched training and education requirements; Industry-leading performance Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics – That’s why California Law specifically mentions CREIA as an industry benchmark.

CREIA Regions and Chapters

Regional and State Directors represent their local Chapters/Members on the CREIA Board of Directors. Most chapters hold monthly educational meetings and special event programs. Each CREIA member is assigned to a local chapter. All Certified CREIA Inspector (CCI) and Master CREIA Inspector (MCI) members, Associates (formerly Candidates), Affiliates and prospective members/guests are invited to attend local meetings. Chapter meetings are an excellent way to meet and interact with peers, participate in educational programs, and market products and services to those in the inspection industry.


The California Real Estate Inspection Association promotes excellence in the real estate inspection profession and is committed to supporting every member in achieving the highest level of expertise in the industry.


  • Integrity – No cutting corners, no compromise, persevering Competence – Professional knowledge and expertise
  • Belonging – Among the leaders advancing high standards through collaboration
  • Passion – For serving and protecting our clients

CREIA Educational Mission Statement

The educational growth of the individual inspector through participation in CREIA membership activities and programs where the sharing of experience and knowledge will result in the betterment of the home inspection profession and protection of the consumer public which it serves.


CREIA Background Check Program Implementation, May 2019

CREIA leadership and management have worked hard on the important topic of instituting meaningful background checks of our members. We are ready at this time to join other trusted public service professions and organizations, such as municipal employees, educators, law enforcement and safety officers, Realtors, structural pest control board licensed contractors, and many other groups and organizations too numerous to list here, by vetting our members. We believe this will be a valuable member benefit in that Realtors and others will feel confident and secure knowing that CREIA members have agreed to this. 

CREIA leadership has spoken with leaders at CAR and there is mutual agreement that actively marketing this added credential will raise the standard of CREIA inspectors even more and lead to more referrals by Realtors to CREIA inspectors.

The Mission, Vision and Purpose of CREIA states that our purpose and our responsibility toward our members and the public is ‘To protect lives, health and investments’. Our organization’s web site goes on to state that a primary reason this Association was formed is for the purpose of engaging in lawful acts and activities for which a nonprofit corporation may be organized under the law, including:

  • Planning, developing and overseeing professional opportunities for members and others to achieve the highest level of respect for the real estate inspection profession
  • Establishing, promoting, and maintaining professional standards and qualifications
  • Communicating the ethics, standards, purposes, goals, and accomplishments of CREIA to its membership, government, and the general public
  • Promoting and enhancing relationships with other associations, governmental agencies, standards organizations, and the general public

CREIA is responsible for enhancing consumer protection and promoting public awareness. We are entrusted to be in peoples’ private homes, at times alone with their personal property, families, and/or personal information